Graham Investment Strategy leverages the market insight of Gavin Graham to offer a full suite of investment commentary & analysis, corporate presentations, media appearances and public speaking services

Investment Strategy Services

Graham Investment Strategy Ltd (GIS) offers clients advice on numerous investment subjects. These include, but are not limited to, portfolio analysis, asset allocation, investment manager selection and monitoring, economic analysis and forecasting and introduction to unfamiliar or under represented asset classes. With 30 years of experience in investment and finance on 3 continents, GIS is able to provide access to a wide range of information, contacts and knowledge. There are very few situations in equity and bond markets to which GIS has not had some exposure, and clients will benefit from its wide international perspective and knowledge of historical parallels.

Corporate Presentations

GIS is able to make presentations on a wide variety of economic and investment subjects, either internally for your own staff or to external clients or potential clients. Having helped construct training programmes for several organizations over the last 20 years, GIS is able to work with audiences with very different levels of knowledge and experience, all the way from graduate trainees up to highly experienced salespeople. When presenting to outside audiences, GIS is noted for its ability to make sophisticated or difficult economic and investment concepts understandable to listeners who may not be overly familiar with more arcane subjects, and has always been amongst the top ranked presenters for the effectiveness and humour of its presentations. A couple of recent presentations are available to review in the Media section.

Public Speaking

In addition to corporate presentations, GIS is available as a speaker for conferences and shows, having developed a reputation as an informative and amusing speaker at numerous national and regional financial and industry meetings. In 2009-2010 alone, Gavin Graham was a main stage speaker at the Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada Conference, the Toronto Money Forum, the Canadian Investment Management Consultants Annual Conference and a presenter at the Canadian Resources Association and the Independent Financial Brokers conferences in Calgary, Vancouver and Toronto. Several recent speeches can be found in the Media section.

Media Appearances

GIS appears on a regular basis on numerous TV and radio shows and in the financial and national press. Apart from commenting on the Canadian markets for the Canadian Press and financial publications such as and Investment Executive, GIS appears regularly on the Business News Network (BNN) and CP24 to discuss global and international markets, currencies, and investment strategies. Gavin Graham is also a regular contributor to The Income Investor and Canada Report newsletters. Some recent appearances can be found in the Media section.

Investment Commentary

GIS produces regular investment commentary on its website through its blog, which appears several times a week, covering a wide variety of topics from individual stocks to the sovereign debt crisis, asset allocation suggestions, the importance of dividends in successful investing and the rise of emerging markets. Other topics occasionally covered reflect the writer's idiosyncratic interests including baseball, theatre and film, politics and good food and wine. Other content includes analysis of major developments over the last five years, individual stocks and discussions of important principles of successful investing.