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Gavin Graham
Graham Investment Strategy Ltd is an investment consultancy, providing access to the services of Gavin Graham, its President. Gavin was formerly Chief Investment Officer of Guardian Group of Funds from 1999-2008, which grew from under $2 billion to over $5 billion in Assets Under Management (AUM) during the period, and most recently Director of Investments at Bank of Montreal (BMO) Asset Management until December 2009, where he supervised over $40 billion in AUM.

Graham Investment Strategy is available to provide analysis of global economic trends to advisors, investors and companies, with a particular focus on the growth and development of emerging markets and their effect on commodity producing countries such as Canada and Australia - reflecting the eight years from 1988-95 that Gavin spent living in Hong Kong and managing investments in all the major Asian markets as well as the three years between 1996-98 spent managing Asian mutual funds in San Francisco.